We are happy whenever we manage to prevent enslavement. Today we will tell you the story of a brave and quick-witted girl.
Nargiz (the original name changed for security reasons) early lost her parents. She and her elder sister were adopted by a distant relative. The girls have grown up. Nargiz got married and gave birth to a child. The elder sister went to work in Turkey. Everything was going well until Nargiz's husband lost his job.

The sister suggested Nargiz comes to Antalya too. There are greater chances of finding employment. She even paid for the ticket. The girl gathered the child and flew. On the spot, she was met by her sister's friend. They spent that day together, walked along the embankment, and drove by car to a neighboring tourist town.

In the evening Nargiz was settled into a hotel. It seemed very weird to her. She called her sister to ask why they should stay at the hotel instead of her family. The answers were odd. The sister said that she couldn’t take Nargiz to her own house due to some reasons and asked her to wait for several days.
When the sister came to pick them up at the hotel, she acted suspiciously. She often left the room and answered the phone in Turkish. Finally, answering a direct question, she said: “Why do you need your loser?! Stay in Turkey! You will receive clients and earn money." Nargiz was shocked. She wasn’t planning to be engaged in prostitution.
The scared girl called home. Her relatives found a phone of the Republican Social Information Center ISTIQBOLLI AVLOD (Uzbekistan) through a friend. At the same time, the Russian Movement “Alternative” got involved. They quickly managed to raise money for airfare to Istanbul.

Uzbek law enforcement contacted the Turkish police. Nargiz was interviewed, the policeman drew up a report and escorted her to the gangway. The girl with the child arrived safely in Tashkent.
It's a story with a happy ending. Once again it shows how important it is to know where you can get help.

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